Mine Inspections

The mine inspector shall inspect, at least once every three months, every active underground mine in the state employing fifty or more persons, and at least once each year, every other mine.

MSHA Training

The education and training Program certifies Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) instructors, develops lesson plans, conducts classes, and organizes safety conferences for mine safety education and training.

Stay out of danger
Abandoned Mines

Stay Out Stay Alive is a national public awareness campaign to warn the public about the dangers of exploring and playing on mine property. The campaign is a partnership made up of federal and state agencies, private organizations, businesses, and individuals.


The Reclamation Division's primary responsibility is the approval (or denial) of mined land reclamation plans submitted by all metalliferous & aggregate mining units and exploration operations with surface disturbances greater than five acres on private lands within the State of Arizona.



Stay Away from Abandoned Mines! Child Mine Accident Prevention Program.


Air Quality Forecast

Air Quality Index (AQI) and Air Quality Risk-Based (AQR) forecasts to serve and assist the public, industry and agricultural operations in Arizona.